WHAT IS INSTEP/Workplace Learning?

INSTEP/Workplace Learning is a quality program that provides realistic learning in the workplace for motivated Year 11 and 12 students. It offers students a general education with a valuable vocational flavour. As such, INSTEP/Workplace Learning  is a joint school and industry work placement strategy enabling students to work towards secondary graduation using school, workplace learning and in some cases TAFE style learning environments. INSTEP/Workplace Learning  is different to work experience – rather than observe what goes on, students are given the opportunity to complete tasks related to their vocational course.

Benefits For Students?

Develops responsible work skills. Assists in career planning. Increases self-esteem and confidence and develops broader communication skills. Complements and reinforces school learning. Increases awareness of the link between school, further education and employment. Enhances further education, training and employment prospects. Provides a realistic understanding of the expectations of specific industries.

How Does INSTEP/Workplace Learning Work?

Potential INSTEP/Workplace Learning students undergo a selection interview to ensure their enthusiasm and motivation is of a high standard. Successful applicants participate in an Induction Seminar at the start of the school year. INSTEP Coordinators organise work placements based on student preferences, liaise with schools and employers and provide support to students in the program. Students spend the equivalent of one day per week in the workplace for a minimum of twelve weeks.  Students can complete two workplacements per year.