INSTEP/Workplace Learning  is a Vocational Education training program providing students with the opportunity to combine industry based training while completing their final years of secondary school. The program is part of a national strategy to provide students with a clearer understanding of career choices, the requirements of chosen industries and entry level skill preparation.

INSTEP/Workplace Learning differs from traditional work experience programs where students observe others at work. Within the program, students with the help of their industry trainer can achieve nationally recognised Core Skills for Work in a wide range of industries.  

INSTEP/Workplace Learning is an investment in the future. Industries involved in the program see the training they provide as an investment in current and future productivity through helping to create a pool of well trained future employees who understand and are committed to their chosen industry.  

All students attend an Occupational Safety and Health Training session as part of their induction into the INSTEP/Workplace Learning  program. Students must also complete a Worksafe Smart Move Certificate as part of the application process. Employers are asked to induct INSTEP/Workplace Learning students for specific safety issues within their workplaces at the commencement of placements. This will be documented in the Induction Checklist within the student's Logbook. 

Trainer's ManualDownload the trainer's manual here